Vitamin D Linked to Lower Rates of Tooth Decay
In a recent study it was found that vitamin D is associated with 50 percent reduction in the incidence of tooth decay. "My main goal was to summarize the clinical trial database
Gum Disease Found to Worsen Infection in Animal
The number of viral variants in moderate gum disease in an animal model exposed to an AIDS- like virus were high in number, causing infection and greater inflammation
Soft Drinks Can Cause Tooth Decay
Consumption of sugary beverages, particularly soft drinks and sports drinks, could be hard on your teeth and cause dental decay, researchers say. "There is growing scrutiny of sweet drinks
Children Inherit Fear of The Dentist From Parent
A new study has revealed that parents pass on the fear of visiting the dentist to children.
The study confirms the emotional transmission of dentist fear among family members
Link Between Smoking and Tooth Loss
Postmenopausal women who smoke are at an increased risk of losing their teeth, says recent study. The study involved 1,106 women who participated in the Buffalo OsteoPerio Study
25-year-old Wears Dentures Due to Soft-drink
William Kennewell, 25, from Australia enjoyed drinking cola more than water. Courtesy this habit, in the place of sparkling white permanent teeth, what he has is a full set of dentures.
Brushing Teeth Regularly Could Lower Dementia Risk
habits you practise, it may be that your oral health habits influence whether or not you get dementia, the Daily Mail quoted Annlia Paganini-Hill, the study's lead author, as saying.
Color of Your Teeth can Reveal Your Age
The color of your teeth may be revealing a little more than your oral hygiene habits after a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE revealed that teeth color can be used to detect a person's age