Conditions treated with Invisalign
While Invisalign may not be suitable for certain misalignment cases or the complex bite problems that are better addressed by traditional orthodontics,invisalign can be used to treat the following orthodontic conditions:

- Overly crowded teeth, when there is not enough room in the jaw for all of the teeth to fit comfortably or normally (one to five millimeters)
- Widely spaced teeth when there is too much space between the teeth due to abnormal growth of the jaw or shifting of the teeth due to missing teeth (one to 5 mm)
- Overbite / overjet when the upper teeth bite deeply over the lower teeth
- Cross bite: when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned, causing one or more upper teeth to bite on
the inside of lower teeth, or either the front and or sides of the mouth.
- Mild relapse. After traditional braces have been removed, when some relapsing tooth movement has occurred.
Invisalign may also be a treatment alternative for certain simple mal occlusion (bite irregularities)