Cosmetic Dentistry
Is all about creating ___ sparkling smile you deserve, ___ perfect smile you have ______ dreamed of. Your new _____ will enhance your appearance __ such a way that __ will boost your self-confidence, ____ seduction power and leadership. _______ teeth, poorly aligned teeth, __________ teeth will be corrected _____ porcelain facing, porcelain veneers, _________, glamsmile, or componeer when ____ are not structurally damaged.
The Indirect Filling Options
Inlays and onlays are ______ restorations used by a ______ number of dentists.
In certain cases, ______ and onlays are a ____________ alternative to full coverage ______ crowns.
Also known as ________ fillings, inlays and onlays _____ a well-filling, stronger, longer _______ reparative solution to tooth _____ or similar damage.
TMD Symptoms
- Pain or soreness ____ the jaw that is ____ prevalent in the morning __ late afternoon.
- Clicking when opening __ closing the mouth.
- Swelling on the ____ of the face.
- Sensitive teeth in ___ absence of dental problems.
- Difficulty opening and _______ the mouth and or _______.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are artificial _____ roots used to support _ restoration for a missing _____ or teeth, helping to ____ or prevent jaw bone ____.
By replacing missing tooth _____, dental implants provide people ____ the strength and stability ________ to eat all the _____ they love, without struggling __ chew. Additionally, dental implants _________ and maintain jaw bone, __________ bone loss and helping __ maintain facial features.
TMJ Disorder
The American dental association (___) cites the temporomandibular joint (___) as one of the ____ complex joints in the ____. Involved in its function ___ several muscles ligaments and _____.
The joint itself __ comprised of disc between _ ball and socket and __ is this disc that ________ the forces on the _____, enabling the jaw to ____ and function normally.

Gum Disease
Gum disease also known __ periodontal disease and periodontitis __ an inflammatory condition affecting ___ tissues surrounding a tooth, ___ is the leading cause __ tooth loss.
Gingivitis is a _________ infection of the tissues __ the mouth and potential _________ of gum disease.
Once gum disease sets __, the toxins produced by ___ bacteria damage the teeth __________ tissue and bone, effectively __________ them and fostering tooth ____.

Gummy Smile
When you smile, do ___ feel appearance of your _____ teeth is overshadowed by _________ gum tissue? Are you __ the opinion that your _____ teeth appear too short ________ to the amount of ________ tissue displayed when you _____? If you answered "yes" __ either of those questions, ___ may have a condition ____ is commonly called a "_____ smile" or excessive gingival _______.
Root canal: What exactly __ a RCT?
A root canal is _ dental procedure that is ____ to remove disease from ___ interior of a tooth. ___ narrow channels beneath the ____ chamber in the inner ____ of the tooth are ________ out and cleaned and ___ roots are filled with ________ nickel titanium files.
Bad Breath
Bad health = halitosis __ a very common oral ______ problem. People of any ___ may have halitosis. Researchers ____ determined that bad breath _________ begins when the waste ________ by bacteria in the _____, nose or stomach comes ____ contact with the air.
When bacterial plaque is ___ removed from the teeth, ___ gums or between the _____, it continues to grow ___ ultimately may lead to _________, tooth decay and gum _______.
Green Dentistry or Eco-Dentistry
Green dentistry refers to ___ delivery of oral health ____ and dental treatments using __________,_________ and high-tech innovations that _______ efficiency and effectiveness while ________ the amount of waste ___ pollution in the environment.
We are green in ___ clinic, we have incorporated ____________ that improve our practices ___ procedures and make us ____ Eco-friendly
No more silver (Amalgam) ________
We don't use anymore __ our clinic, any silver ____________ ,we provide metal free, ________ smile treatments. This helps __ eliminate the heavy metal _____ associated with silver Amalgam ________ that could end up __ the main water supply.
Teeth whitening using ZOOM
Zoom is a bleaching _______ widely used arround the _____ to lighten discoloration of ______ and dentin. Tooth discoloration ___ result from drinking coffee, ___, cola, and red wine __ from smoking, the aging _______ also can stain and ______ your teeth.
We use Zoom advanced _____ chairside lamp-said to accelerate ___ bleaching process
Dental Braces
Dental Brace are a ____ of orthodontic treatment used __ connect teeth that are _______, protruding, out of alignment __ have irregular spacing. By ______ the teeth into the _____ position, dental braces help __ create a more attractive ___ healthier smile for both ________ and adults.
Conditions treated with Invisalign
While Invisalign may not __ suitable for certain misalignment _____ or the complex bite ________ that are better addressed __ traditional orthodontics,invisalign can be ____ to treat the following ___________ conditions:

- Overly crowded teeth, ____ there is not enough ____ in the jaw for ___ of the teeth to ___ comfortably or normally (one __ five millimeters)
Complete dentures are used __ replace missing teeth for ______ with no remaining teeth. ________ may also be used ___ people who have lost _______ teeth. in this case ___ appliance is called a _______ denture or an over _______.
Complete dentures are made ____ gums are restored to _ healthy conditions and sufficient ____ has passed for healing. ________ dentures replace all teeth __ the upper or lower ___ of the mouth.
Crowns and Bridges
Dental crowns, also known __ "caps" preserve the functionality __ damaged teeth.
A dental crown may __ used to protect a _______ tooth, restore functionality of _ tooth with excessive decay __ replace a pre-existing crown.
If tooth decay __ damage is so extensive ____ veneers, direct composite bonding __ other conservative treatments aren't ______ treatment options or if ___ have undergone root canal _______-____ dentist will consult with ___ about dental crowns.
Full Mouth Reconstruction
Full mouth reconstruction, full _____ rehabilitation and full mouth ___________ are terms often used _______________ to describe the process __ rebuilding or simultaneously restoring ___ of the teeth in ____ the upper and lower ____.
Full mouth reconstruction typically ________ general or restorative dentists ___ can incorporate dental specialists ____ periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontist ___ endodontists.
Dental Bridges
Dental bridges, like implants ___ partial dentures, are used __ replace missing teeth. Missing _____ can cause a change __ occlusion (bite), shifting of ___ teeth, temporomaudibular joint disorder (___), speech impediments, an increased ____ for periodontal disease and _ greater chance of tooth _____. Bridges require shaping of ___ teeth surrounding a missing _____.
Smile Makeover
In addition to the _____, alignment and balance of ____ teeth in the esthetic ____ of your smile, there ___ several attributes of your _____ and smile that your ________ dentist will evaluate with ___ when planning your smile ________.
These include:
- Tooth length
- Smile line
- Tooth proportions

Before And After